The Homework Club which is held on a very frequent (mostly weekly) basis and is run by Jean Penney, Vivian Darwson and other helpers.

It takes place at the John Mackintosh Hall on Wednesdays from 5pm to 6pm. Members are informed of dates via email and our Facebook page. Whilst the name  means help with homework other work may be offered if no homework is brought.

Starting in the academic year 2014 we will require the person leaving a child in our care to fill in a form with minimal details. Data protection is always adhered to. Contact details will only be used in case of emergency e.g. medical. We may also use contact details in case of late collection or to inform of a change of future homework dates.

For further details contact Jean Penney on 54000666, email penney@sapphirenet.gi. or telephone number 20042739