Please check out the Why Bother? podcast with Stuart Byrne, our Why Dyslexia? Podcast 6-episodes series and The JD Dragon Disability Rights Podcast. All the links can be found below.

Episode 1 – Founding the charity, Stuart & Marie Byrne – sponsored by Piranha Designs https://shows.acast.com/on-the-sofa-with-rouge/episodes/why-dyslexia-founding-the-charity

Episode 2 – In the workplace 1 with Dominique Peñalver, Paul Gache & David Parody – sponsored by Freska https://shows.acast.com/on-the-sofa-with-rouge/episodes/why-dyslexia-business

Episode 3 – Parenting at home with Kathleen Victory and Joanna Hill – sponsored by James Molinary https://shows.acast.com/on-the-sofa-with-rouge/episodes/why-dyslexia-parents

Episode 4 – In the classroom with Alexa Tilbury Chang & William Schacaluga -sponsored by Piranha Designs https://shows.acast.com/on-the-sofa-with-rouge/episodes/why-dyslexia-kids

Episode 5 -At school with Jessica Byrne & Jean Penney – sponsored byJames Molinary https://shows.acast.com/on-the-sofa-with-rouge/episodes/why-dyslexia-teachers

Episode 6 – In the workplace 2 with the Hon. Leslie Bruzon, Mandy Gaggero & Angelo Cerisola- sponsored by MH Bland Ltd https://shows.acast.com/61e89e854f3096001351b1f0/662fa0a4e9f4880011c86589

Why Bother? Stuart Byrne Dyslexia Chairperson https://shows.acast.com/on-the-sofa-with-rouge/episodes/why-bother-stuart-byrne-dyslexia – You can also listen to it on our YouTube channel here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vfrYg_p_MI&t=4s

The JD Dragon Disability Rights Podcast – Let’s talk about Dyslexia with Dyslexia Gibraltar (Interview with Stuart Byrne)- https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/joshua-downey/episodes/Lets-talk-about-Dyslexia-with-Dyslexia-Gibraltar-Interview-with-Stuart-Byrne-e2l742e/a-aula7c