Dyslexia is a Specific Learning Disability (SPLD) affecting a person’s ability to deal with text, and often numbers as well (but some dyslexics excel in maths) (some also have severe problems with co-ordination). Dyslexia is estimated to occur in about 10-15% of the population depending on different studies. As in the case of colour blindness, it is a permanent disability which needs continuous support through schooling. But it is often accompanied by strengths in areas such as creative work often expressed in art, drama and music and empathy with others.  The word is from the Greek; Dys = difficulty with, Lexia = Language Dyslexia = Difficulty with language.

This is just a brief description of Dyslexia- If you would like to find out more please surf around our site and do not hesitate to contact us or/and try watching Susan Barton’s clip below.

What is Dyslexia – By Susan Barton’s