As a dyslexic do not feel alone. Here is a list of other famous dyslexics who prove that you can succeed in life even with dyslexia:

Leonardo da Vinci  

Tom Cruise  

Whoopi Goldberg

Richard Branson  

Robbie Williams

Noel Gallagher   

Muhammad Ali  

Steve Redgrave

Jay leno  

Walt Disney 

Graham bell

Thomas Edison

Albert Einstein

Keanu Reaves  

Kiara Knightley

Tommy Hilfiger

Pablo Picasso

Jorn Utzon      

Erin Brockovich   


Jackie stewart

Nelson Rockefeller

King Gustav of Sweden

George Washington

Hans Christian Andersen  

Henry Ford

Agatha Christie

Ted Turner

Jamie Oliver 

Steve Jobs 

General Patton

Winston Churchill

John F. Kennedy

Steven Spielberg 

Babe Ruth